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We all have an Old Story.
"My teenage son and I just can't seem to get along.  No matter what I do, it's the wrong thing."
"I can't start my own business because I don't have enough entrepreneurial experience."
"I have been raising kids for 20 years, and now my last one is off to college.  I don't know who I am anymore."
Sound familiar? Have you ever heard yourself say something similar to this?  
What's your Old Story?  
What's the story you've been telling yourself - and letting yourself believe - that's keeping you from having the life you really want?   

Wendy Gutin, PCC
Spring 2008, Israel
What evidence have you been gathering along the way to support this story?
You can always find reasons, excuses, and yes, stories, as to why you can't do something, be something, try something, or become something.  And most of us are really, really good at not only finding them, but also at saying them so often that we start to think of them as true.
Yet, deep within, there may be a part of you that is sick and tired of the Old Story you have been telling yourself.
This is the part of you that knows, really and truly, that your Old Story is just that - OLD.  And that it's keeping you from living the kind of life you really want to be living - one that honors your dreams, your values, and your own unique and individual spirit.
That's the part of you that I want to meet.
If you are someone who is fed up with believing and living your Old Story, then I can help you create your new one.  As your coach, I will see the big picture of your life - and all the areas in which you are holding yourself back.  I will see your magnificence and potential and will be passionate about having you see it too.
I believe with all my heart that you CAN create - and live - your New Story.  You CAN live an empowered life of choice, possibility, even magic.

It's never too late to be who you might have been. 


George Eliot

You just have to start writing it.  And then, living it.  I can partner with you to make this a reality, starting right now.
Old Story?  Living a life of stuckness, frustration, abandoned dreams, and feeling small and powerless?
Or...New Story.  Living a life of passion, purpose, fulfillment and clarity.  A life that you can't wait to start living every morning when you wake up.
The choice is yours.
I invite you to turn the page.

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